Sunday, 16 February 2014

Wedding Cards

Good Afternoon,

I had a great day yesterday! We (my Monthly Club and I) had a Cardmaking day - we covered boxes, made gift bags and created some beautiful cards.   I have been asked to create a Wedding Card so I looked on Pinterest to find a few ideas and then created some cards.

My problem is when I took photos of the ideas I liked (I was taking my camera with me for the day and this was the easiest way to remember the ideas) I didn't take note of the original creators of these fabulous cards.. sorry ..  and if you have spent any time on pinterest you know how easy it is to spend hours there and end up no where near where you actually started!  So if I have made (cased) a card from your fantastic creations pinned on your boards - Thank you very much for your inspiration!! (Note added later - see below..)

I have changed them slightly from the original different - embossing folders and flourishes, slightly different layering etc.  For these two cards - I mostly used Stampin Up products - I'm sure you recognise them!

Thank You once again for all of your amazing creations - which we can use for Inspiration!

Note - I went back and spent some time and have found the original card I used for  inspiration for the bottom card - Thanks for the beautiful design of this wedding card!!
Top card - inspired by a card sold on Etsy by CustomCrafts and Cards - Thank-You!

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