Sunday, 2 March 2014

For the Bride and For the Groom

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Something a little different in the way of wedding cards - these ones are For The Bride and For The Groom.

I am not even sure if you can buy such a card - I guess you would be able too....

When I was creating these cards - the thought I had in mind was for the Bride to write a beautiful, love filled (romantic huh?!?) card to her Groom, so then I thought the Groom should be able to do the same for his Bride so I created a Bride one also. I used the same grey on each card as the underneath layer, mounted both with a white embossed (flourishes for the Bride and Cogs for the Groom) layer. Die Cut Cogs, hearts  and a pocket watch for the Groom, stamped and punched (Stampin Up) flowers and die-cut hearts and leaves for the Bride. I used the label Punch from Stampin Up for the wording. Matching Silver ribbon and rhinestones was used for both,

This is another photo of the Bride card - as you can see it was a little bit tricky to get a great photo.  The silver from the ribbon and the Silver Embossed flowers (Better view in this photo) kept bouncing off my flash!

  If you are feeling like you need to express a few loving words to your Groom or your Bride what could be more perfect than a card like this? I have left the insert relatively blank (a flourish in the corner for the Bride and Cogs in the corner for the Groom - so there is plenty of space to write all those loving thoughts down in the card to be treasured forever - I think I need a tissue hehe...

These cards will be available on our online store,
Have a love filled day

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