Thursday, 29 August 2013

My Dark Angels


As you know, one of my favourite colours is Black.....  So when I created a whole pile of these beautiful Beaded Angels (in various colours) as gifts for friends and family, I just had to make some for myself and  I called them my Dark Angels....

I am sure there are probably instructions on the internet somewhere to create these beautiful girls, but I had seen one made by someone else and just copied her.  Her skirt is made using 10 Safety pins, with wire threaded through - alternating the pin top with beads, then joined at the top with beading wire. Her body, arms, head, wings and halo are made using beading wire, rice beads for the arms with seed beads for the halo and wings.  I have tried different size pins and different size beads - so I ended up making many sizes.

Aren't they just beautiful???  My Dark Angels ....


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