Sunday, 11 August 2013

Journal Pages Continuing....

Hi Journal Page Lovers...   Here are the pages I have done so far in my next Journal....

With this Journal I have already painted all of the backgrounds, and I also had old packets of rub-ons that weren't the greatest examples of rub-ons so I randomly went through and used them up.....

This page is titled "I have a dream destiny with endless possibilities" and the rub-on says "Remember that something incredibly wonderful is always possible".  Stencilled black tree and magazine cut out of an owl.

On this page I collaged magazine cut outs of things I love.  Oriental, Asian images and stickers. 

I drew the image, titles "Just be You", rub-ons say "Love what you do.  Do what you Love" - great motto!  smaller rub-ons around edges "hope, inspire, dream, imagine".  Washi tape and wooden flowers, other rub-ons and hand drawn vines.

Written message to my daughter, rub-ons say "Remember Lifes's Treasures are People not things" and "What lies behind us and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us".
Rubber stamped black clocks and gesso larger white clocks.

These flowers were punched from the brown paper I was using to protect my other pages when painting !! It's amazing what you can create with rubbish....
Bloom where you are planted!!
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