Monday, 30 March 2015

Recycled Notebooks made from Cereal Boxes etc...


I have been recycling again... cereal boxes, packaging paper, leftover schoolbook papers, old paint....

I was inspired by the bottles of paint that I have had in my supplies for many years, (I am talking 20+ years... shhh..) don't worry I have used it all up now hehe!

I started with the packaging paper, folded in half, then unfolded, randomly squeezed paint over it, then refolded the paper and spread/smoothed out the paint.  This is what I ended up with....

Did you spot my helper in the above photo? She did not mind at all that I had spread the papers all over her to take the photo!

Next I cut and scored cereal boxes, muesli bar boxes, popcorn boxes, soap boxes, panadol boxes etc etc to make book covers...

Applied the papers, cut to size, to fit the covers.  I used mod podge to adhere the papers to the cardboard...

After allowing these to dry, I made to measure leftover papers from my children's school books, bound these with different coloured wools and twines (as you can see I mostly used black).  I added as many signatures (this is what each 'section' of papers is called) as required by the thickness of the covers.

I originally saw this recycling idea on a blog created by  (she is an amazing and oh so inspiring crafter!! Have a look at her blog if you haven't ever visited there before)

Hopefully I have inspired you to create something useful using up some of those recyclable products in your home!

See you soon,

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