Sunday, 1 March 2015

Hallmark Boxed Card Packs - Recycled into Mini Albums...


I was sorting through my card boxes the other day - looking for inspiration... and I came across some partly used Hallmark card packs which have been in my stash for many years. As I make all of my own cards now, I thought it was unlikely that I would use the rest of these packs, so I decided to convert them into something useful... re-cycle, up-cycle... I have created mini albums with them, even using the box....

The first step I took was to pull the boxes apart (to use as covers for the albums), as you can see I had three packs, which I have turned into 5 mini albums.  The top three albums pictured above are the albums with the covers, and the bottom two have card fronts as their covers.

The next step I took was to cut the cards in half and arrange them in order.  The envelopes that were included with the packs have also made extra pages for the albums - great pocket pages... 

Inside each of the cards, I stamped some co-ordinating images eg flowers in the flower album, stars in the star album etc.

Before I bound my albums, I used the pocket section of the box to create a pocket inside the back cover of the album - this part was originally deep enough to hold ten cards and their envelopes, I made a smaller concertina on the edges and attached these with a heavier double sided tape.

I then bound the albums with my zutter, attached some ribbons and how striking do they look!!

I know for sure these card packs albums are more likely to be used in this form than how they were as cards!

Look through your stash to see if there is anything you could convert into something more useful!

Have a fantastic day!

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