Saturday, 13 July 2013

100% Addicted

Good Morning, a friend of mine once said to me that in everything that she does she always gives 100%.... and that had me thinking.... do I do that ???  Mmmmm - do I give 100% (or does anyone give 100%) in say doing the washing or other equally exciting (haha) housework activities.. no I would have to say that - in doing these fun things on auto-pilot I guess I don't give them 100%!!!
Do You???

 Boring activities aside - do your hobbies count when putting in 100%?? I hope so because so many of you - very talented and creative people out there in blog land appear to me as though you give more than 100% - and that is amazing!!!

I organised some of my Jewellery the other day and then had to take some photos to share with you.  I think - and please tell me if you feel otherwise - that I have given my 100% in my beading addiction I mean my beading hobby!!  (Now please don't get me wrong I am not sharing these to show off - I am just... well... sharing .....)

Admittedly, I had made some of these earrings to sell and there was left-overs, when I added my own earrings to this collection it was a bit scary!!  It's amazing how many earrings a utensil holder can actually hold!  Now onto the bracelets....

Who said you needed to use a wine rack to hold wine?? I grouped the bracelets roughly in their colourgroups or their style whichever I was happy with and (shhh I am not going to tell you how many their are...)  but I will say I have worn every one of them at least once.. that is at least!!!

I have not hung all of my beaded necklaces - because as well as the beaded ones, I also have a few (yeah I said a few) pendants on chains as well.

  My friend did say to give 100%!! Got that covered!!

Do you give 100% in all you do??  There's your thought for the day....

Shell xox

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