Sunday, 21 June 2015

Shell's Storage - Embellishments, Dies, Ribbons, Inks, Washi...

Good Morning,

We were off to the Markets this morning, but have been rained out... Oh well, the rain is lovely!

Today I am not actually sharing a creation with you, I have taken some pics of my Craftroom Storage ideas and would like to share these with you. Yay, yay I hear you say - if you are anything like me, I am always interested to see how other crafters store their goodies...

First photo - this is how I store some of my embellishments... bottles and bottles of flowers, buttons, smaller chipboard pieces, sequins, charms, pegs, flags, tickets, bells etc etc.  I have other flowers, chipboards and charms stored in other systems as well eg boxes and drawers. (I could have purchased matching bottles so they were all the same - but you know how I like to recycle! hehe, so my selection of bottles reminds me of coffee, olives and pasta when I am using my embellishments - no complaints here! )

Next photo - Inkpads...  Now, I am part of a Craft Club and we craft at least once a month, which means I need to have my inks portable - so I store them in containers like this...

I keep my everyday inks - versamark, black india ink and memento inks etc on my table for ease of use and all my other inks as above.

Next is sprays... I don't have many, and I find the ones I use the most at this stage are made by mixing Perfect Pearls Powders, Stampin' Up re-inkers and water mixed into Mini Misters - I have refilled these many times...

The Spice rack was made by my Son as a high school woodwork project - Love it! Perfect storage!

Moving on to Embossing folders and Dies.  I have four Darice Embossing Folder Storage Folders and in these I keep dies and embossing folders.  The Bigz dies, longer dies, larger embossing folders etc are stored in the pink containers in the left of the photo...

Washi Tape storage is next.  I found this container at K-mart, it is the perfect size for Washi Tape and  I like the fact that I can see through the sides.  I have also used one of these containers to store my smaller paper flowers.

Of course, these are organised in their colours and I also store my twine in the bottom tray.  (Once again - easily transportable for the Craft Club days).

Still with me? Hope so!

Ribbons - I have tried a few different ways to store ribbons - tins, boxes, drawers, but in the end decided this works best for me - when I need a ribbon I carry a hanger over to my project (or vice versa) and use it that way - not exactly transportable (so I generally just carry the smaller ribbon storage with me and hope there is a suitable colour on there hehe).

Before you ask - yes it is a clothes rack and yes I have used baby coat hangers (did I say recycle??) these work well because they have an intricate pattern which means the rings I have hooked my ribbons over don't slide all across the hanger (clever huh?!?) I originally had each ribbon neatly placed through individual pieces of card, but then found it easier to just slide it onto the ring instead.

Phew, feels like cup of tea time!

Coming soon , I will share with you how I store my stamps, papers, embossing powders etc - haven't photographed these yet... after a cup of tea, I now feel motivated to create!

Still raining outside!
Beautiful day!
Visit us again soon,

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