Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Heart Boxes

Good Afternoon,

Week 2 at School and I feel like I have hit the ground running!  We were asked to cover some Heart Boxes for a cent sale coming up soon.  We were given two sets of 5 heart boxes - 1 set to have as separate prizes and one set to keep whole as a larger prize....  This is the set that is being split up - I will show you the other set as soon as I have added the ribbon.

As they weren't being kept as a set - we felt we didn't need to keep them all the same.

 Front and Back Views of the Boxes stacked up.

I think this one is probably my favourite!

We just used papers and paints I already had in my stash - kept them fairly simple - paint the bottoms and cover the lids in paper.

We attached ribbons all the way around the lids and added bows as above.

Thank you to my Beautiful Friend who came and helped me to cover and paint these!!  We had a great day!!

Back soon with the other set,

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