Saturday, 14 June 2014

Alice's Wardrobe...

Hi there,

How often do you fall asleep reading? Me? All the time!! hehe!!  We have a famous little friend who fell asleep reading and in her dreams she visited a wonderful place called Wonderland!

This is Alice's book - well my created version of her book!  

This gorgeous little book is part of my creation of Alice's Wardrobe, here is the front view.

And part of the back view.

Alice was involved in so many adventures in Wonderland - a Mad Hatter Tea Party, shrinking and growing, talking to a cheshire cat, croquet with the Queen of Hearts and the list goes on...

I loved making Alice's wardrobe, I took so many photos it really was hard to decide which ones to use and which features to emphasise.... so I have created a list for you to find... have fun looking.... don't fall asleep though - the Queen may yell "Off with your head!!"

A small Alice standing on the chair, next to the key.
A bottle labelled "Drink Me" at the base of the chair.
A teapot, cup and saucer on a mat, with the book Alice was reading when she fell asleep.
 A Beaded necklace draped in the drawer.
Alice's Mirror, Dress Form and Dressing Table.
Alice's many little outfits in her wardrobe.. she has more clothes than I do!
The Doily inside Alice's Wardrobe.
The White Rabbit and his fobwatch - tick, tock.
The large key, placed near the White Rabbit's flowers. 

The brass teapot charm at the front of the wardrobe, amongst the flowers.
The little outfits laying on the carpet at the back of the wardrobe.

If you wish to see more of the photos, some basic instructions and a list of the products used - please visit Wild About Scrap's Blog.

Hope you are spending time in the Wonderland of your craft room!
Happy crafting and reading!

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