Saturday, 29 June 2013

Recycled Books from Cereal Boxes

Inspiration comes from everywhere... One of my absolute favourite blogs to spend time.... and believe me it is so easy to spend a lot of time...  looking at is Jenniebellie's blog... she is amazing and oh so inspiring!!!  I have created these notebooks from recycled cereal boxes/ muesli bar boxes etc, leftover pages from my children's school books, most of the covers are brown paper that has come from packaging - which I have painted, stamped, masked, spritzed etc etc . Soooo much fun ...

Warning! Warning! Once you start creating these you become addicted, and having all the materials in my stash already makes it all too easy! I have bound them all with wool - with various techniques, used stamped images or handmade flowers, ribbon, brads, bling, acrylic paint, patterned papers and the list goes on!

I painted the brown packaging paper with black acrylic paint, stamped and embossed the blue flowers, Die cut the bird cage and bird, ribbon, bling and I put beads on the binding.  In this book I also added some leftover papers from my stash mixed in with the school book pages.

I made this book/memories album using Vita Brits box and as it was quite large and heavy - I used more boxes (which I painted the edges and used patterned papers to cover them) to make the pages - just to give it a bit more stability.

More front views of my creations.  Love them !!!
So if you are in need of some inspiration also go to
and check out her site!
See you again soon
Shell xox

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